H2HC One-time Special Incentive

The author of the best security/RE article submitted to Paged Out! Issue #1 will get a chance to speak at the Hackers To Hackers Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil in October (air travel ticket / hotel included). All the details follow.

This incentive has been brought to you by: H2HC (@h2hconference)

How to get it:
  • Be eligible to receive the prize (translation: international and local laws apply) and agree to take part in this incentive.
  • Submit a security or reverse-engineering themed article for the Paged Out! Issue #1, and have it reviewed and approved.
  • Be the lucky author of the selected (by @BSDaemon and @gynvael) best security/reverse-engineering article.
  • Agree to present on the same topic at the H2HC 2019 conference (typical lecture slot is 60 minutes, but it can be adjusted accordingly).

Q: What about other categories, like electronics or programming?
This incentive is limited to articles whose theme matches that of the H2HC conference itself, i.e. security or reverse-engineering. There might be other incentives in the future addressing other categories.

Q: So… what's the difference between this and just applying to the conference's CFP?
Consider this to be a different way to get a speaker's slot (after all, the article approval and CFP approval process is different). If you're more comfortable with the typical CFP process, take a look here.

Q: I don't want to take part in this incentive. Can I still submit sec/RE articles to Paged Out!?
Sure :)

Q: I've already submitted my sec/RE article before this was announced. What now?
Don't worry, Gynvael will ask all sec/RE authors who previously submitted an article if they want to take part in this incentive.

Q: Who to contact with additional questions?
Please use the typical Paged Out! channels.