Call for pages!

We're constantly looking for one-paged articles for new issues of Paged Out! If you're interested in writing one (or more) articles for us, you'll find all the needed information (linked) below.

Example articles

Writing articles for Paged Out!

In 5 simple steps!

If you still have any questions after reading this, please check out our FAQ and feel free to contact us at

Step 1: Read about Writing Articles

On the Writing Articles page, we gathered topic examples, technical requirements, details about the process and writing tips. It's somewhat of a long read, but reading it will make the whole writing/submission process smoother!

Step 2: Write (or draw) the article

This is the most important step! Write the text you have in mind (or draw the cheatsheet/diagram/image/drawing/etc.) and set it in the layout you have in mind (Wait, what? The author has to do the layout? That's... unusual.).

Read the article again. And perhaps share it with a friend for proofreading.

Note: If you would prefer to have someone from the Paged Out! Institute look at the article early (e.g. before you spend time on the layout, or even to just discuss the topic you have in mind), feel free to contact us at any time.

Step 3: Select a license for your article

To publish the article, we require a license (don't worry, we want *you* to keep the ownership of the article).

There are a couple of possibilities here:

  1. You can use a selected variant of the Paged Out! Standard Author's Agreement.
  2. You can use a variant of everyone's favorite CC license (please note that we do need a "for commercial use" variant - see why).
  3. If you really don't care, you can always go with CC0 or "Do What The F*ck You Want To Public License" :).
  4. If none of the above options work for you, feel free to propose another license - in this case please contact us early to discuss the details.

Note: The first option allows the author to (if the author wishes so and all the criteria for eligibility are met) share in the issue's profit (if any) - as mentioned in several places: this is a not-for-profit project (though it is managed by a company, see the About page for more details), but we will take steps for it to be self-sustainable (more information), and this might generate some extra money to be paid out in the form of license fees. In all honesty, these will probably be really small sums, but still we wanted authors to have this option.

Step 4: Submit your article

When everything is ready, please send the article (in the required form) to When sending the email, use the title of your article as the subject of the message.

After receiving the article, we'll get back to you and send you a form to fill out, and within the next couple of days assign a reviewer/editor to work with you.

Note: Please use Reply To All in the correspondence (it's not the default on most mail client) - it's pretty common for multiple people to be in one e-mail thread.

Step 5: Work with the reviewer

Work with the assigned reviewer to polish the article.

Reviewers are volunteers that work with the authors to make sure that the article meets the desired bar, and that no typos are left uncorrected.

Once your article gets the final approval, it's done! Your article is ready and will be published in the upcoming issue of our magazine.

[Extra Step: Only in case of profit sharing]

In case in Step 3 you've chosen a license with profit sharing and there is actually some profit to share, we will contact you to ask for information needed for accounting and tax reasons (this will include your full name, address, tax numbers if any, and so on). Depending on the country you're in and/or pay taxes in there might be some back-and-forth until we figure out how exactly to proceed.

Note that the license fee payout is handled by HexArcana Cybersecurity GmbH – the company currently managing Paged Out! – and they will need to be able to process your data.