What is Paged Out!?

Paged Out! is a free, experimental (one article == one page) technical magazine about programming (especially programming tricks!), hacking, security hacking, retro computers, modern computers, electronics, demoscene and other similar topics.

It's made by the community for the community - the project was created by Gynvael Coldwind with multiple folks helping. And it's not-for-profit (though it is managed by a company – see the bottom of this page) - this means that the issues will always be free to download, share and print.

Paged Out! Institute

Paged Out! Institute is what we basically call the team behind the Paged Out! magazine - the editors, reviewers, project managers, assistants, and so on.

Feel free to contact us at articles@pagedout.institute or at Gynvael's Discord (Paged Out! channel section).

The current team
Gynvael Coldwind
Project Lead
DTP Programmer
DTP Advisor
Dejan "hebi"
Full-Stack Engineer
Xusheng Li
Hussein Muhaisen

We would also like to give a shout-out to the following folks:

  • kele (lead reviewer for Issues #1 and #2)
    [twitter, www, github]

  • Mateusz "j00ru" Jurczyk (lead reviewer for Issues #1 and #2)
    [twitter, www]

  • Arashi Coldwind (executive assistant for Issues #1 and #2)

  • Wojtek from cgartists (logo, cover layout)

  • xa (fixing our HTML)

  • ReFiend (Issue #1 cover art, RC wallpaper)

  • Vlad Gradobyk (Issue #2 cover art)
    [instagram, facebook]

Please note that countless others helped us one way or another with this project - hired artists, smart people we've consulted, and of course the authors - thank you!

Standing on the shoulders of giants

This website uses the following open source libraries and other resources:

Formal details

As of August'23, Paged Out! is managed by HexArcana Cybersecurity GmbH – see our FAQ for more details. Paged Out!® registered trademarks, as well as domains, and some other IP are privately owned by Gynvael Coldwind.

HexArcana Cybersecurity GmbH
Cholenmoosweg 5
8942 Oberrieden
VAT ID: CHE-427.698.122 MWST
UID: CHE-427.698.122
E-mail: gynvael@hexarcana.ch