Community Ads and Sponsorship Ads

Paged Out! zine has two kinds of advertisements:

  1. Free Community Ads for free projects / tutorials / tools / etc.
  2. And paid Sponsorship Ads for everything else.
This page addresses both kinds and provides technical details on how to prepare the ads, and where to submit them.

Ads Deadline For Issue #3: To be Announced Soon

Ad types

In Paged Out!, we reserve 1 page worth of ads for every 10 articles, rounded up (so in case an issue has 45 articles, expect 5 pages of ads at most). At minimum, 1 ad page in each issue will be dedicated to Community Ads - more if there are not enough Sponsorship Ads to fill the reserved advertisement space.

Important: All ads will be reviewed by our internal ethics committee.

  • As a general rule, we will not accept ads related to:
    • cryptocurrency and blockchain,
    • AI products trained on works of unconsenting authors,
    • selling or buying disruptive multiplayer game cheats,
    • selling or buying malware,
    • selling or buying 0-days.
  • We also reserve the right to deny publishing any advertisement in case we deem the advertised topic to be illegal, unethical, shady, or borderline / gray-area.

Sponsorship Ads

Sponsorship Ads can come in two formats - half-page ads (750 CHF) and full-page ads (1500 CHF) - and can showcase commercial products, tools, companies, services, etc.

The income from these ads directly supports the Paged Out! project and the article authors (as per the Standard Author's Agreement profit sharing variants). Thanks :)

Please contact directly if interested.

Community Ads

Community Ads are always half-page ads and are published in the zine completely free of charge. The idea is to use the unused advertisement space to spread the word about cool free projects, tutorials, tools, etc.

If you're interested in publishing a Community Ad, please:

  1. Prepare the advertisement as described in the next section.
  2. E-mail it to us at (and explicitly write that it's a Community Ad).

Note: Community Ads are reserved only for completely free-of-charge projects (in a full-featured version!). If you offer paid courses, free-but-limited/pay-for-all-features tools, etc., please consider supporting us with a Sponsorship Ad - thanks! If you're unsure whether your project qualifies for a free ad, send us an e-mail to the above address with a description of your project.

In case we receive more Community Ads than we have space, we'll have to somehow select the ones to actually publish (that means we'll reject some - sorry!). We don't have any specific criteria we'll use, but we'll probably focus on how interesting/cool the advertised topic is. We will also prefer ads in English as they have a chance to be interesting for a larger audience (however if there is ad space left we don't mind publishing ads in other languages as long as we're able to vet them). We'll make the final selection a few days before the issue is published.

Technical details

At this moment, we accept ads in two export formats:

  • PDF (300 PPI for bitmaps) - use this format if you want clickable links (please keep the links simple - no embedded scripts allowed),
  • PNG (300 PPI).

The ads themselves can also come in two sizes: full-page ads (Sponsorship Ads only) are the same size as the articles, and half-page ads (Community / Sponsorship Ads) are the same width, but slightly less than a half the height of an article.

Full-Page Ads

Full-page ads are the same size as an article - that means they are NOT the size of a full A4 page, but allow for margins and Paged Out! header/footer.

The actual size (see also the diagram below):

  • 182mm x 261mm
  • 7.17" x 10.28"
  • 515 pts x 739 pts
  • 2150px x 3082px (assuming 300 DPI)

Full-Page Ads layout diagram

Half-Page Ads

Half-page ads are the same width as an article (i.e. same width as a full-page ad), but slightly less than a half of its height. One advertisement page contains two half-page ads, with a 20mm separator in between.

The actual size (see also the diagram below):

  • 182mm x 124mm
  • 7.17" x 4.88"
  • 515 pts x 351 pts
  • 2150px x 1464px (assuming 300 DPI)

Half-Page Ads layout diagram

In case of questions...

...please don't hesitate to contact us at